Organic Yoga Wear

An ancient art, Yoga is a journey of fitness that connects you to not just your body and mind, but also to the world around you. This art brings with it a requirement for changes in what you eat, drink and also wear.
Deivee believes in going the extra mile to provide the healthiest alternatives for Indian women on their fitness journey. With our range of Organic Yoga Clothes, you wear fewer chemicals. By doing so, you don’t just take care of your body, but also the environment while not compromising with style, comfort and health.
Deivee offers a wide online range of creatively and aesthetically designed 100% certified organic yoga wear, that are cultivated with zero pesticides and chemical fertilizer that keep your skin from harm. Apart from a providing your fitness wear a longer life, the natural dyes used in the colors give it the additional healthy touch.
Black Yoga Capri

Black Yoga Capri

Rs. 1,699.00
Unisex Christmas Tee - Limited Edition
Grey Blue Printed Harem Pant
Bottle Green Harem Pant
Khaki Harem Pant

Khaki Harem Pant

Rs. 1,899.00
Grey Melange Harem Pant
Red Melange Harem Pant
Peacock Blue & Apple Green Built In Bra Tank Top
Grey & Fresh Salmon Built In Bra Tank Top
Fresh Salmon & Grey Built In Bra Tank Top
Apple Green & Peacock Blue Built In Bra Tank Top
Greenish Grey - Organic Jogger Pant
Navy - Organic Jogger Pant
Grey Melange - Organic Jogger Pant
Brown Drape Style Yoga Pant
Black & Grey Layered Tights with Shorts
Salmon & Black Layered Tights with Shorts
Black & Peacock Blue Skegging (Legging With Skirt)
Heather Top - Drop-crotch Harem Pants - Deivee
Black - Drop-crotch Harem Pant - Deivee
Green - Drop-crotch Harem Pants - Deivee
Grey Stripes - Drop-crotch Harem Pants - Deivee
Black - Sculpted Yoga Tight - Deivee
Dark Slate - Sculpted Yoga Tight - Deivee