Bellandur Travel Mat

Rs. 1,999.00

At Deivee we always believed in miracles. And now we discovered a miracle product that helps everyone. A product that will clean up the lakes and improve the bio-diversity of the water bodies. A product that will help rural artists earn a respectable livelihood and keep a dying art form alive. A product that will help you enjoy the outdoors better. Presenting the Bellandur Travel Mat.


The Bellandur Travel Mat is a perfect companion for all your travels. Its an ideal companion for your early morning yoga in the park or your family picnic. Its easily folded into a A4 size and fits into any small carry bag.

What's unique about this mat is that its handwoven using water hyacinth. Yes the very same water hyacinth, that is killing the biodiversity of all the lakes across the country. We have found an eco-friendly solution to this problem.


And by choosing to buy this mat you are not just helping in cleaning up the lakes in India, but also helping rural artisans keep the dying art of handloom alive. The water hyacinth is first harvested, cleaned and dried before being woven with natural cotton yarn to make this exquisite travel mat.

Come support us by pre-ordering one today. Deliveries will begin in 60 days. Please note COD orders will not be considered as pre-orders. So please choose to pay now to confirm your order


72 x 26 inchs

2mm thickness

1.15 kgs 


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