Sanathana - Blue Yellow Jute And Cotton Yoga Mat

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 Product Description:

Breathing is an integral part of Yoga. Can you imagine; you roll out your brand new Yoga mat and breath in toxins? If you are using a synthetic mat then chances are, you are practicing yoga on a bed of chemicals that are hard to degrade.

Deivee presents the first ever all natural, eco-friendly, luxury cotton yoga mats. The mats are hand woven by artisans using the traditional method. The age-old process uses natural dyes and organic materials to create a yoga mat that does well for your body, mind and conscious too! The mat is made of natural cotton and goes through a unique natural rubber treatment that offers superior grip along with an anti-slip finish.

Deivee is an ethical brand and works towards upliftment of communities through fair trade and conscientious products. By choosing this mat, you are completing the journey of a true yogi by merging the mind, body, and spirit with mother nature.

Weight - 1850gm

Dimensions: 27 X 68cm

Thickness: 4mm

Color: Blue & Yellow

Wash Care:

Here are a few easy steps to hand wash your natural cotton yoga mat -

Step 1: Dip the yoga mat in cold water with mild detergent.

Step 2: Keep it soaked in cold water for about 5mins.

Step 3: Rinse remove and gently squeeze out the water.

Step 4: Spread evenly and drip dry in shade. 

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