About us


Deivee (pronounced as Devi) is India's leading sustainable active lifestyle brand. The brand is built around the ethos of conscious commerce. Conscious Commerce is about putting purpose above profits.

To be conscious means to be awake, mindful! We ensure our business decisions are in the best interest of the individual consumer, while respecting the interest of the  community that produces it (farmers, artisans & factory workers), while still being conscious of the impact of the planet earth. A conscious business fosters peace and happiness in the individual, respect and solidarity in the community, and mission accomplishment in the organisation . 


Our Story:

Deivee was founded on the principle that great fashion and sustainability can coexist peacefully. Since then, we’ve gone from basic tees to an inspiring lifestyle brand sharing about sustainability and environmental responsibility. With apparel for both men and women, our active wear line full of bold styles and relaxed colors has options for any body size, shape, or type. 


Our Products

Deivee is a brand that is at the forefront of the ethical fashion revolution. All the products are made with our guiding ethos of conscious commerce.  All produce are  Healthy, Authentic and Sustainable

Every product is made using a blend of sustainable materials. Whether it is organic cotton, recycled polyester, wild grass, cork, banana fibres, copper or coconut; you can feel good about how your product is made, and what it is made with! 

We also work to ensure our items are produced in Sweatshop-Free, Fair Trade facilities; and all our products are proudly made in India.


Our People

Deivee is founded by Milind Soman and Darshan M.

Milind Soman has been a national level swimmer, an accomplished super model, critically acclaimed actor and off late a very inspiring long distance athlete. Milind has completed the Iron Man and Ultra Man runs and continues to inspire millions through his Pinkathon initiatives.

Darshan M is a serial sports business entrepreneur. Darshan has worked extensively with women athletes like Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza and Sharmila Nicollet. He has organized numerous International Marathons, including the world's first Midnight Marathon. The former head of Deccan Charges IPL team, Darshan has a personal passion of getting more girls to play sport.

The passion for motivating and supporting you to lead healthy & active lives led Milind and Darshan to team up and launch Deivee. Milind and Darshan are empowered by a team of experienced designers, merchandisers, athletes, fitness trainers, and yoga enthusiasts. 



Our Design

At Deivee, we celebrate being Indian. India is in our DNA. We take inspiration from our rich history and culture to create unique products that enable the modern men & women to lead a healthy life. We use ancient wisdom to make modern products using materials like copper, dharba grass etc.


Our Dream

Our Vision is to make the world a healthier & Happier place by creating sustainably produced goods that can revitalise our environment and inspire a generation to believe that they can do the same.

At Deivee we use Yoga & Active Living as the foundation to build this dream.