Human body type is a complex phenomenon. The general shape of a person is defined by the molding of skeletal structures and the distribution of muscles and fat. Skeletal structure grows and changes only up to the point at which a human reaches adulthood and remains essentially the same for the rest of her life.

Physiology aside we don't  believe in dressing to hide any part of yourself. We believe that everyone can wear whatever they want and pull it off with the right blend of personal style and confidence!

The basic advice on choosing the right clothes is to remember the following:

1.The most important rule to remember when it comes to dressing your body is FIT. If your clothes are too tight or too loose, you won't look or feel good.

2. Light colors create a focal point, while dark colors take the attention away.

3. Just like the color white, you can use bold patterns to draw attention to certain parts of your outfit.

4. No matter what shape your body is, a good rule of thumb in fashion is to pair clothes that are in proportion to each other. For example, if you wear a voluminous wrap pant, wear a tighter top to balance it out. And tight skinny leggings look good with a slightly baggy top.

5.At the end of the day, no matter what clothes you wear, your confidence is what really makes or breaks your look

We are here to suggest you the pieces that work best for you based on your body type. This will make your life easier. 


Apple Shaped Body Type
We are referring to the apple shaped ladies! You fall under this body type if you have a large waistline, i.e, your waistline is larger compared to your bust line or hips. Your weight is mainly around your waist. When you lose weight you fall into the rectangular shape. Dressing tip is look for tops without much extra volume so it doesn’t cause any imbalance against your legs. You can focus on playing up and showing off your legs too.
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Hour Glass Shaped Body Type

Also known as the hour glass figure. You fall into this body type if you have a well proportionate upper body and lower body. Well defined waist and perfectly proportionate. The tip is to find anything that defines your waist. Look for tops, dresses, tights and peplum styles because they keep all the focus on your narrow waist, curvy hips and full chest.

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Pear Shaped Body Type

Pear shaped or triangle shaped women fall under this category. You fall into this body type if you have defined hips or thighs with a well defined waist. Your shoulders are narrower than your hip. A small top half as well as bust. Dressing tip is show off your smaller top half and the extra flare on the bottom is great for accentuating your curves. It will naturally focus attention on your curviest and most beautiful parts. Spaghetti straps or decorative straps and necklines work great on you too.

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Rectangle Shaped Body Type  

Also known as the rectangular or tubular body shape. You fall into this category if you have a boxy silhouette. Similar circumference of bust, waist and hip. Hips tend to be square and often arms and legs are proportionately slender. Dressing Tip is to create extra volume on one half of your body will help create the illusion that you have lots of curves.

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