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Why Organic?

Our Organic Story- To Share and Care.

From the firm footed mountains to the majestic seas, we live in a world that we deem beautiful. But in the most basic sense of the term ‘beautiful’, how wrong are we? The dark reality of our world has caught up with us and we stand facing a world full of invisible threats, founded on a toxic addiction.

The clothes that we buy, be it a classy dress or a workout outfit are all part of a chain of toxic pollution. The fact, however alarming, is that in China alone 320 million people are without access to clean water. 40% of the surface is considered polluted and 20% of the ground water used as urban drinking water is contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals.

Two Third of the world’s clothing items tested by Greenpeace contain hazardous chemicals and when these garments are washed, they release substances into water bodies around the world.

We are evidently a part of a problem. A life-threatening problem. But we can also be a part of a solution. An Organic Solution. A Deivee Solution.

We are united with the rest of the world behind a common belief that true fashion and beauty cannot and should not cost the earth.

How is Deivee contributing to a greener world?

As an active lifestyle brand that makes fitness wear, active wear and organic yoga wear we believe in the health of the women endorsing our products and the health of the world, as we know it.

Fair Trade:

Under a fair trade system, producers collaborate with retailers and wholesalers. Producers consequently receive fair wages, gain respect, and are viewed as partners, rather than assets. We at Deivee ensure that our organic cotton comes from nature, directly from the hands of the farmers providing as many benefits as possible. All our factories offer fair wages and follow strict welfare schemes.

Organic Cotton:

Research has shown that 25 percent of the world’s insecticide and more than 10% of other hazardous chemicals are found in cotton crops. However, Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that lessen the impact on our environment. It has no harmful chemicals that can be absorbed by the skin and produces a more durable fiber than industry-grown cotton.

Most importantly, the Organic Cotton used in our products is softer and kinder to the skin than conventional cotton which can retain harmful chemical residues.


Chemical Free:


Why Choose 'Deivee'?

  • 100% certified Organic (GOTS)
  • Sustainable, fairly made, forever in fashion
  • Eco friendly wardrobe
  • Conscious clothing


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