5 Ways In Which Women Can Beat Plastic

5 Ways In Which Women Can Beat Plastic

32-year-old environmental crusader Rajeshwari Sing walked from Gujarat to Delhi with a powerful message to save her home - the planet Earth. On her 45-day long journey, Rajeshwari spread awareness about beating single-use plastic by not using any non-reusable plastic all through her 1100km stretch to Delhi. Along the way, she also met Gram Panchayath members and interacted with school teachers and locals to spread the ill effects of single-use plastic.

It is true what they say, women are powerful sources of change and hope; it is we who can make small changes possible that create a bigger impact on the planet. Women in Indian households are becoming more conscious about the impact their choices have on the future generations. Motivating this momentum, here are 5 easy ways in which YOU as a woman can help beat plastic in your own household.

  1. Plastic water to pure healthy water:

One of the easiest, fastest and healthiest way to beat plastic in your daily life is to do away with plastic bottles and switch to copper water bottles. Copper bottles do not only help eliminate daily use of plastic, but they also help balance Ph levels of our body apart from the many other health benefits.

  1. Flimsy plastic bags to sturdy cloth shopping bags:

Keep a reusable cloth bag handy for your trip to the grocery store and say no to the filthy plastic bags that shop vendors hand over. These plastic bags either end up in a landfill which enters the ground and pollutes the groundwater for years to come or, in seas and oceans impacting our aquatic flora & fauna. Water conservation is already a huge concern in metro cities of India, the country's water is in danger because of plastic waste.

  1. Harmful plastic toys to reliable wooden toys:

Rewind a little and picture the many toys you have had as a child, can you place even one with a plastic toy? Nope? I thought so, wooden toys have been replaced by harmful plastic toys that are laden with chemicals that damage the planet. About 90% of the toy industry uses plastic to create these vibrant looking toys, unfortunately, more than 85% of them are not recyclable. Opt for wooden toys by trusted brands like Skola Toys that promote learning through toys with an eco-friendly approach.

  1. Cut down on your monthly plastic use:

As women, we can reduce our plastic use big time with one small choice - the menstrual cup. On an average, women use over 12,000 sanitary pads in their lifetime which end up as plastic waste in our landfill. Each cup lasts for up to 2 years which can cut down the plastic waste to a considerable amount.

  1. Opt for recycled plastic over single-use plastic:

If you find a way to use recycled plastic instead of single-use plastic, go for it! Recycled plastic is plastic at the end of the day, but it sure does reduce the burden on our planet. Rather than having the plastic waste washing up in our oceans or landfills, we can have them recycled into fabric and so much more. Always choose recycled plastic over single-use plastic to do your bit for the environment.

Remember, as a woman, you have the power to change the environment of your home as well as of a million others. Reduce, reuse, and recycle all the way.

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