Become A Santa & Give Back To Nature This Christmas

Become A Santa & Give Back To Nature This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and we all are busy arranging for last minute gifts. While Christmas is not only about gifts and there’s more to it, gifts certainly are an essential part. From kids to grownups, everyone looks forward to cool and unusual presents during this time of the year.But are these gifts helping the nature and environment in any way? 

 It’s time we started thinking about our planet while choosing our gifts. Become a Santa yourself this season and gift responsiblyback to nature! Choose gifts that not only bring a smile on your loved one’s face but also supportenvironmental conservation. 

 On that note, we present fivegifting ideas that are environment-friendly!

 Biodegradable Yoga Mat:

What better than gifting your family with a yoga mat which not only motivates them to stay healthy butisalso environment-friendly! Vajra Mat from Deiveeis the world’s best yoga mat made out of Sambu grass and cotton fibersthat havea cooling effect and giveout a beautiful texture. Durable, anti-slipand of thick density,this mat is comfortable enough to protect your muscles and jointsfrom spraining while working out. Handwoven with love, gift Vajra this Christmas to helpyour loved one’s day start with some rejuvenating yoga and natural fragrance. 

yoga mat organic 

Copper Water Bottles

Every year,tons of plastic waste accumulate on our ocean bed polluting our environment and putting it in grave danger. Have your loved ones say no to plastic! Gift them a cool copper water bottle set which looks stylish from the exterior and serves multitude of health benefits. Useful in the office, home or fitness sessions, this surely will become an instant hit. Ancient India has seen people eating and drinking on copper vessels which not only helps build up our health but is also gentle on the earth. 

copper water bottle



Organic Yoga Mat Bag:

How about a cool organic yoga mat bag which carriesyoga mats in style?Sturdy, stylish and spacious,this bag from Deivee can hold any size mats. Your loved ones will flaunt it for sure for itsbreathability, beauty,and sustainability! The fact that the bag is made of organic cotton bringsit so close to nature. Let your family carry the bag on their shoulders while you carry the planets responsibilityon yours.

 yoga mat bag


Eco-Friendly Shopping Bag:

It isalways the thought behind the gift that matters instead of the gift itself. A shopping bag with an eco-friendlymessage for the trip to the marketwill certainly stand outamongst all since it gives your loved one the opportunity to ditch plastic bags once and for all. The bag is made of 100% organic cotton sourced from fairtrade community which empowers farmers. How cool is that!Washable, sturdy, spacious and comfortable, you have got enough reasons to select this for gifting. Why not add some delectable Christmas goodies inside and you will be blessed for such a thoughtful gift.


 shopping bag organic cotton

Yoga Mat Spray:

Rejuvenate your loved one’s senses by blessing them with some aromatherapyon a spiritual journey. Yoga mat sprays at Deivee usesplant materials, aromatic plant oils, essential oils and other aromatic compounds for calming the body and mind. There are three of them available for relaxation, rejuvenationand meditation each, with natural fragrances which will transcend your loved one to a relaxed state.  


aromatic spray 

Christmas isn’t just a festival. It is a magical feeling! The feeling oflove, ofhappiness, of one’sinner joys and of everything merry. May the Almighty bless all with a Merry Christmas and the choicest of nature-friendly gifts!

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