6 Yoga Fashion Trends That Are Completely Plastic Free

6 Yoga Fashion Trends That Are Completely Plastic Free

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which is based on harmonizing the mind, body and spirit with the rhythm of the earth. Mother Earth today faces the worst threat of her lifetime in terms of pollution and the biggest contributor to this is plastic. Fashion products starting from makeup to synthetic clothing – everything is plastic these days.

 Our planet could be benefited provided we acted responsibly enough by using some organic and sustainable fashion products which could save our environment. Banning plastic from our lives is definitely one such step. Why not make yoga dressing plastic free then? We present to you fashion that is plastic free and yet full of style quotient.

  1.  Capri paired with Lace-Up Tee

A 100% organic Capri and a lace-up tee for your workout are really trendy plus comfortable. This tee and Capri from Deivee are made of 100% organic cotton. The Capri is thick and uses non-transparent fabric which is moisture-absorbent. The tee is easily stretchable for a free-flowing workout which makes it comfort fit. Soft on the environment, feels like wearing a cloud – that is the beauty of sustainable cotton clothing! 

capri tshirt yoga


  1. Drape/Wrap Pants and Mustard Tank Top

Try cotton-based thick, non-transparent, and moisture-absorbent drape pants and look cool while working out. This incredibly soft wrap will let you move the way you want to. Club this with a 100% organic cotton mustard tank top which uses natural dyes. Comfort fit and easily stretchable, you can now relax as the planet breathes.

organic tank top cotton pant

3.Performance Kurti & Ankle Length Tights

Perform yoga in style while being comfortable in a full sleeved performance kurti and ankle length tights made out of 100% organic cotton. The fabric is breathable, thick, non-transparent and moisture-absorbent which makes it apt for any form of exercising. Walk, meditate, do yoga or Pilates/martial arts and even better hit the gym in this one!


 cotton kurti

  1. Harem Pants with a sleeveless Tee

Do your pranayama or strenuous workout in these harem pants and tee and look ultra-chic and modern. The overall fit is open and relaxed which makes you feel all the more refreshed especially during a hot summer afternoon. Made out of organic cotton, the fabric used is breathable and moisture-absorbent. You certainly will fall in love with this eco-friendly style!


 harem pant cotton


  1. Joggers & T-Shirt

This undoubtedly stands as a favorite combo when it comes to exercising. Why not make it earth’s favorite too? Settle for a 100% organic cotton made T-shirt which feels soft on your skin, is comfort-fit, easily stretchable, organic cotton made, narrow fit and naturally breathable track pant. Your yoga gets an added flair with this simple joggers pant featuring a ribbed waistband! Cozy and breezy together, you now know what is called responsible dressing!


 joggers tshirt cotton

  1. Skeggings & T-Shirt

T-shirts can go with every occasion and a yoga session is no exception. Go boho with this striped t-shirt which is loose-fit and suitable for any body type given to being easily stretchable. Made up of 100% organic cotton, pair this with trendy skeggings which is again made of 100% organic cotton and is non-transparent, soft and breathable. Feel free to indulge in your favorite asana at the comfort of being covered and staying cute at the same time.


 organic cotton

Well, you now know how to look stylish as a yogini while remaining eco-friendly! Go fill your wardrobes with these splendid outfits.

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