Trending Workouts To Lose Weight

Trending Workouts To Lose Weight

Each one of us wants to lose those extra kilos to look slim and healthy. The process could start off by eating healthy, but, physical activity matters the most. There are so many gyms and other workout joints that offer many varieties of workouts. What is trending? What is not? Which one should I follow? These are some of the common doubts we all have on our minds.

We have listed some of the most trending workouts that you could read about and understand. Take a look at some of your options to try a new workout this season!


Yoga has been in our heritage, and was started off by Indians. It’s always best to go back to our roots, and follow what our ancestors did for a healthy lifestyle. There are many variations in Yoga today. Some of the latest types of Yoda that have emerged are Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Iyengar, Hot Yoga and Kundalini. You could understand the difference in the variations of each type, or go for a trial class and decide the right one for your body type.


Want to tone-up and slim-down soon? A good HIIT (high intensity interval training) plan will get you the body you are dreaming about! The circuit makes you workout in a moderate intensity for 2 minutes and push your body to its maximum limit for 1 minute. The exercises need to be repeated 2-3 times with a minimal rest between each exercise. The workout ends with different stretches which will take about 5-10 minutes of your session.

Consult your doctor and you fitness coach in-case you any injury.


Pilates is all about core strength and core stability using your mind and body. It builds strength with innovative and less-bulk moves. Pilates makes you aware of your body, and posture. It is practised by many people worldwide, and is known to have helped many with graceful postures and moves.

It is famously known for its safe and sensible exercise system that improves flexibility, and agility giving a toned body as the end result. Now, don’t you want to give it a shot?


Zumba has high and low intensity routines. It is basically a dance based routine for fitness. There are variations in Zumba like Aqua Zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumba Kids and more. The routines include Hip-hop, belly dance, Bollywood and many more. A proper Zumba session involves high and low intensity routines which will make you burn up to 500 calories. It’s considered a dance party to have fun and lose weight because of the dance moves and music. It’s also one of the most favourite exercise routine that’s extremely popular.

There you go! These are some of the most popular and trending workouts that you could choose from. Make sure you consider your health, lifestyle and other factors before opting for one of these. Food plays a vital role too, ladies!


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musclegaragefitness - November 8, 2023

Great analysis of effective weight loss strategies and trending workouts. The engaging content is a valuable resource for fitness enthusiasts, and I look forward to incorporating these tips into my routine. Thank you for sharing!

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