Get Gym Ready

Get Gym Ready

As the Olympics fever is on,all of us are waiting to bring out the athlete in us. So I am sure you have already enrolled yourself to a gym. If this is your first time in the gym, you will thank me and if you have been going on and off to the gym you know what I am talking about. These are things you need in your gym bag.

Bring our own music

Music makes you feel like you are in your own rap video, it boost you up. Trust me, not all the gyms play good music, so, make your own pumped up playlist. It also helps you to avoid those unwanted conversations with that odd guy in your gym who never gets the point!

Carry your own mat

Well if you're work out slot is at the peak hours, you know what that means, lots of people.You will have to wait behind someone who drives one km to walk one km on the treadmill at  a snail's pace. It's going to get frustrating, so in the meantime grab your mat, because all the gym mats would be taken and you can do your basic exercise while you wait!

Don't forget your towel

Before you have an eeeek moment or give someone else one, carry your towel without fail! Its hygienic to carry your own towel instead of using tissues in the gym. You do not sweat on a machine because you would not want to sit on a sweaty one either!

An extra pair of clothes

Intense sweating during your workouts are common, and suddenly you will realize that the AC is at sub freezing level. The sudden change in the temperatures around you is not good for your body. It is important to cool down gradually. The best way to do that is to immediately change your gym clothes, and then finish your workout in the gym.

Energy food

This one is an option, but you can thank me later because you might never know when you will be needing this! Try to make it a point to carry an energy bar or a fruit. In order to not binge or eat something unhealthy after a workout, this will actually help. A hit of instant energy is always good!

Well, all the best guys! Always have fun when you workout

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