Just stretch

Just stretch

When we think of a complete workout, stretching plays a vital role. Many of us ignore or do not give much importance to stretches hence their recovery level and the muscle flexibility becomes lesser leading to various injuries.  Stretching  can be done throughout the workout.
Warm up/Pre-workout  stretch :It is very important as it allows our muscle to be more flexible and hence attain maximum range of motion for the workout. It prevents injuries by preparing the muscles for easy movement through the workout. Specific stretches can be done according to the workout planned.
During workout stretching : can be done when it is an high intense workout or when we are working out more than one part of the body. This allows recovery as the strained muscles are constantly stretched and relaxed, hence allowing to push your body for a good workout without over straining the muscles. It improves blood movement and when combined with breathing it helps supply more oxygen in the body.
After workout stretch : is also very important for a good warm down. The Latic acid is one of the main concerns after a good workout which causes strain and soreness and hence preventing your body to recover. Most of us have to endure pain for 2 to 3 days after a single session of workout. Stretching plays a vital role to help remove Latic acid formed, stimulating blood and oxygen movement in the body. It helps ease the strain and hence not only recovers the muscle but also improves flexibility.

So remember stretching is always important.


Shipla Sundar

International Athlete,Certified Fitness Trainer 


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