Tips to Conquer Sleepless Nights: Only Small Changes Can Move Big Mountains

Tips to Conquer Sleepless Nights: Only Small Changes Can Move Big Mountains

Most people with hectic and trash lifestyles are battling with sleep disorders these days. Most of these people are middle-aged or even younger in their early 30’s. Some of them have resorted to taking sleeping pills to get some sleep. But these pills cause a lot of harm to our bodies in ways that we cannot even imagine.

 Adequate sleep of 8 hours a day is absolutely required as per the medical experts for our bodies to heal and repair. Sleep is vital for everyone to be able to lead a quality life. So, if you are spending sleepless nights wondering what you did wrong to suffer, here are 7 tips which will help you beat insomnia.

 Be Consistent with Your Waking Up & Sleeping Schedules

Consider waking up and sleeping at the same time every day of a week. It might be tempting to sleep late after a Saturday night party or leave the bed at 11 AM after watching a late-night movie. But avoid doing so or you’ll end up confusing your body clock further.

 Avoid Stimulants

Cut down on your cup of tea, coffee, cigarettes, colas or other stimulants which contain caffeine or nicotine. Caffeine and nicotine affect your sleep and its patterns. Alcohol should also be avoided because it sedates initially and can cause arousal from sleep later. Have a cup of warm milk instead an hour before hitting the bed and you will sleep sound for the remaining night.

 Exercise Everyday

Regular exercise or yoga helps with blood circulation and releases hormones which can stimulate your brain to signal the body to fall asleep. Exercise in the morning or three to four hours before you retire for the night. Don’t wear your running shoes just before bedtime or you will wonder why your kind of exercise causes alertness. 

 Limit Machine or Digital Intervention

When you call it a day and hit the bed, make sure you don’t carry your tab or phone along. Staring at your bright mobile screens or even at your television sets can cause your brain to become alert which will eventually make it difficult to fall asleep. 

 Relax Before Sleeping

Get into the sleeping mode by relaxing your body. Opt for a warm dip in the bathtub or listen to some soulful music. You can also practice some gentle yoga to relax your body and mind. 

 Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Do not think too much about the past or the future. Think about the present instead. As your present demands falling asleep, concentrate on that and soon you would be dreaming in your sleep.

 Read a Book When You Fail to Fall Asleep

Well, tossing and turning in the bed for over an hour and still unable to sleep? Do not overthink and land yourself in more trouble. Get up from your bed and go read your favorite book or listen to your favorite tunes. Do something relaxing till sleep finds you.

 Lack of sleep is not difficult to be conquered at all if you inculcate the above healthy habits in your day to day life. These small changes help in achieving the big ones. If the problem is still persistent and affecting your life’s overall quality and productivity, go see a physician and get yourself thoroughly checked.

 Happy Sleeping!

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