Types of Teas That Promote Weight Loss & Gift You A Healthy Lifestyle

Types of Teas That Promote Weight Loss & Gift You A Healthy Lifestyle

Tea is a wonder beverage which can improve our health in multiple ways. Not only does it taste good but there are also many varieties available the world over and people just love to start their mornings with their favorite cup of tea. Apart from energizing one for the entire day, tea is a calorie-free beverage which can bring down inflammation, obesity and help protect against heart diseases and diabetes. Thanks to it being full of health-promoting substances. 

Here are 5 varieties of tea, which is a flavorful alternative to water and will help you lose weight with a sip of good health.

 Green Tea

Green tea is the most recommended of all teas by doctors and health enthusiastthe world over. First steamed and then crushed with hands, this tea promotes weight loss and has immense fat burning powers. Catechin content in it can reduce belly fat by speeding up your metabolism rate. It also boosts your energy levels which is why you can work out even harder. Green tea encourages the digestive system to reduce fat storage over time and also boosts the liver’s ability to burn body fat into energy. Sip 2-3 cups of green tea every day and reap the benefits for yourself.

Black Tea 

Black tea is the most preferred tea type in the world. It is fermented and the leaves being oxidized which changes it chemically, resulting in its rich color and strong flavor. The most common black teas of the world are produced in India, especially from the Tea Estates of Darjeeling and Assam. Black tea has too many flavones which aid in weight loss. It is also rich in anti-oxidants which can help prevent cardiovascular diseases and lower the body mass index. Researches have shown that people who regularly consume black tea have reduced weight circumference and inhibited weight gain.

 Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is also called the Black Dragon Tea and is made by drying tea leaves under hot and scorching sun. This tea can help boost energy levels because of its mild caffeine content and essentially help during workout sessions by maintaining the required energy levels. The tea is also rich in catechins which target fat cells and accelerate weight loss. Drink this tea once every day for six weeks and see a loss of 2 pounds or more of fat. Simply cool!

 White Tea

Least processed, this type of tea is simply harvested and then sundried. A light and sweet flavored tea, it preserves all the chemical compounds of the tea leaves enriching it in catechins, polyphenols and antioxidants. All of which aid in weight loss by inhibiting production of new fat cells. Studies have proven that white tea speeds up the breakdown of existing fat cells and block the formation of new ones. 

 Rooibos Tea

This is from South Africa and contains a chemical compound called Aspalathin which is known to reduce stress hormones (cortisol) in the body. It is a known fact that anxiety and stress can make you hungrier and, thus, trigger fat storage. Hence, Aspalathin can specifically curb stress-induced weight gain. The good part is that rooibos tea can be taken whenever you are panicked or stressed to avoid binge eating. It does not contain caffeine at all and has very low contents of tannin which makes it a wonderful and healthy alternative to many other beverages.

 The herbal brew called tea can work wonders only when clubbed with a proper diet and exercise routineSo, continue with your favorite cup of blessing every day to shed a few kilos.

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